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The Qualities You Need To Become A Great Manager

The Qualities You Need to Become a Great Manager

Most of us would love to hold a managerial position one day, unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to be a great manager.

But don’t fret! Luckily, the gap can be bridged. Here are some qualities you need to become a great manager:

Have a Vision and Be Awesome At Communicating It to Others

Something that sets potential managers apart from their subordinates is their ability to have a vision that aims to take the organization to new heights. Managers aren’t just happy with completing their day-to-day tasks; they have a hunger for more.

They think ahead and take initiative; in their minds, they see what the company could be in the future as opposed to just being content with where it is at right now.

But just having a vision isn’t enough; managers must be able to communicate their vision to their subordinates and align it with their goals—only then will the organization flourish.

Taking Responsibility

Sometimes, it may feel like the manager doesn’t work as hard as others in the department; as they progress up the hierarchy, it often seems like their job is to give others work.

But while managers may not be doing hands-on tasks like their subordinates,  they have more responsibility than anyone else in the team.

The manager is held responsible for everyone that works under them. If an intern in a marketing department messes up on the job, then it reflects poorly on the marketing managers, even though she may not be working directly underneath him.

Being in a managerial position means you often have to pull your team out of sticky situations; whenever a crisis strikes, employees will always look to their managers for direction.

Take Charge

A manager’s ability to take charge in tough times is what makes them great. It’s not enough to boss your subordinates around (actually, never do this); you also need to give them objectives to work toward and tasks to complete.

Managers often need to put aside their emotions and make harsh decisions, even if it means hurting someone else’s sentiments.


Subordinates don’t make decisions, managers do. Bad decisions can cause a company to sink, so managers must be able to process a wealth of information and make decisions that move the company forward and bring in revenues.

Everything from launching a new department to introducing a new product line are costly decisions that a manager will have to give the green light to. It’s these decisions that determine an organization’s failure or success.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a manager?

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