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Master Your Virtual Job Interview With These Tips

Master Your Virtual Job Interview With These Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed how businesses operate, including how they recruit new employees.

Job seekers now have to go through virtual job interviews to show off their expertise to potential employers.

For most of us, the virtual job interview process is new territory.

If you have a virtual job interview coming up, use these tips to ace it:

1.    Do a Test-Run

The thing about technology is that it’s unreliable. It may work beautifully one day and be a disaster the next.

Whenever you have a virtual job interview, don’t assume that everything will run smoothly. It’s best to do a test-run prior to the interview and see how things go.

If you’re having problems with your internet, you may need to find another spot where the connection is better, or move to another, more reliable connection.

2.    Remove any Distractions from the Background

A virtual interview can be a little invasive because the interviewer is going to get a glimpse of your house.

No matter how hard they try to focus on you, they can easily be distracted by the things going on in the back.

Before your interview, clean up all items in the background that could take the interviewer’s eye off you. They don’t need to see your dirty laundry or the grocery list posted on your fridge.

Keep the background as blank as possible.

3.    Prepare in Advance

Don’t assume that things will be more relaxed since you’re being interviewed from behind a screen. The setting may be different, but the situation is the same.

Just because you’re being interviewed over the laptop doesn’t mean you can do quick Google searches on industry-related stats and jargon while the interview is going on.

Prepare for your virtual interview just as you would prepare for a regular one. Research the company in advance and know the details of the job description, so you know how to frame your answers accordingly.

4.    Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you’re going for a traditional interview or a virtual interview, you should always practice answering certain questions just so you’re not caught off-guard by anything.

That being said, don’t make the mistake of memorizing answers. You want to sound confident but not rehearsed!

5.    Dress to Impress

By now, you’ve likely read and seen enough about Zoom mishaps during online meetings.

Yes, you’re sitting in your house, but for the next hour or so, make an effort to look like a working professional.

Get out of your pajamas and slip into work-appropriate attire; dress to impress from head-to-toe! This way, there’s no room for any accidents.

The pandemic has changed how companies are hiring talent, and although virtual interviews are still new for most of us, we can still nail them with some practice!

Best of luck with your next virtual interview!

As you wait for a callback, be sure to continue your job search.

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