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Job Search Tips In The COVID-Era

Job Search Tips in the COVID-Era

The pandemic has left job seekers asking whether applying for jobs at the moment is even worth the trouble.

There’s no doubt that the job market is in a worse place than it has been decades, but there are opportunities available—you just need to know where to look and how to improve your chances.

We’ve gathered some useful job search tips for the COVID-era:

1.    Consider the Urgency

The reality is that many companies will take a few months to figure out where they stand. If consumers aren’t buying their products or availing their services like they used to, hiring new employees doesn’t make sense.

Other companies are still getting used to the idea of remote working; human resources and administrative staff are putting their heads together to keep employees motivated and productive in these trying times.

If you can afford to put your job search on hold, go for it. We understand that it can be frustrating to send out resumes, only to get rejections.

Moreover, those who have stable jobs but were considering a switch should find ways to make their work more palatable. In times of so much uncertainty, it’s best to stick with what you have and ride out the storm.

Workers who have been furloughed or laid off should keep in mind that the job market is slow at the moment; companies that were hiring previously may put their hiring processes on hold. The job you find in the COVID-era is likely to be a temporary one.

That being said, some companies are thriving even today, and are still hiring. It helps to keep your chin up and use this time to network, so that way, you’re ready for whenever companies resume their recruitment process.

2.    Get Used to Reaching Out to Other Online

Conventional networking events aren’t going to be happening for a while, so you need to develop a new way of reaching out to industry professionals.

To do this, you’ll need to dive into online platforms like LinkedIn and connect with human resources personnel and others in your industry.

There are plenty of professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that you can use to network. It’s not enough to just join the group; make yourself visible by participating in discussions.

Post industry-related articles and chime in on topics that interest you. Feel free to show off your knowledge and expertise—just make sure not to come across as arrogant, you want people to like you!

Conventional networking events may not be happening, but virtual events still are.

3.    Enhance Your Resume


Although millions of people have been laid off and business communities know that the job market is in a slump, recruiters still don’t like seeing gaps on your resume.

As you eagerly wait to hear back from companies, make use of this time to enhance your resume by adding to your professional toolkit.

Use this time to complete certifications that make you a better candidate for jobs and help you stand out amongst other applicants.

Once your resume is good to go, post if on popular job search websites.

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