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A Woman Finding A Job Using Her Laptop At Her Home Office

10 Effective Tips for Finding a Job Fast

Finding a job in Colorado, especially if you’re fresh out of college, can be challenging and frustrating – to say the least. You look forward to working at a reputable firm or an institute where you can apply your newly acquired education and skills. While looking for an ideal job, there is a constant urge to receive that one interview call and that one job offer that can help you kick-start your career. You really can’t wait to earn your…

Increasing Employee Engagement

11 Powerful Methods to Increasing Employee Engagement

For any company, ensuring that their employees are enthusiastic and committed to their job is crucial to their long-term success. Not only do engaged employees make more productive workers but it also translates to lower turnover rates, higher customer satisfaction and overall a more friendly and transparent work environment. In fact, organizations with strong employee engagement reported revenue growth at a rate 2.5 times higher than those with lower employee engagement. Despite its importance, however, a survey by Gallup revealed…

Tricks To Hiring The Right Candidate

10 Little Known Tricks to Hiring the Right Candidate

While technology has allowed recruiters to reach out to more candidates than they could otherwise, it has also meant that recruiters have to shuffle through thousands of resumes and hundreds of interviews before they are able to select a candidate for the job. But, oftentimes, the picked candidate doesn’t prove to be an ideal fit for the organization. The result of the long recruitment effort yields a suboptimal outcome. Picking the wrong candidate harms both them and your company. It…

Employee Burnout

The 11 Biggest Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Nobody wants to see their best employees leave their company. A suitable replacement may be difficult and costly to acquire, and in the meanwhile, you will have to deal with the drop in productivity and the increase in workload for the rest of your staff. There are some motives outside of the employer’s control, such as life events that may cause a good employee to leave. However, in the majority of cases, the reasons behind them quitting may relate to…

Resume Writing

19 Tips & Tricks for Writing a Killer Resume

No matter your skills, accomplishments, or experience, you are likely to get screened out by HR if your resume is not good enough. Regardless of whether you are starting out in your career or are already an experienced professional, it is well worth your time to make improvements to your resume and make a stunning first impression on potential employers. Recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds looking through a resume before deciding whether they should move forward or not. By…

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