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5 Signs You Could Use Career Coaching

5 Signs You Could Use Career Coaching

Most people—99%, to be exact—are working in the wrong jobs! And while finding a job isn’t easy, being satisfied with your job once you have found it is even harder. Over 50% of the workers in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their jobs. More troubling is the fact that more people are quitting their jobs these days than in the past two decades.

The reason isn’t that the work itself is bad. Work is work, after all. The reason is probably people making the wrong choice at the wrong time.

Career coaching is one of the best ways to set things right—especially if you find yourself thinking the following…

1.     I am Dissatisfied with My Job

If you have a foreboding sense of dissatisfaction with your job, the problem might lie in an incompatibility with the job.

Some people are just not cut out for some jobs. You might have taken up the job offer because it seemed lucrative or because you couldn’t land another job at the time. That doesn’t mean you should hold on to a job that makes you unhappy, though. So start looking for other options.

2.     I Can’t Keep Any Job for Long Enough

Job for Long Enough

If you’re quitting each job you take with an alarming frequency—or worse, if you’re being fired—it’s time to talk to a career coach.

Blaming the bosses might ease your conscience, but there might be another reason behind this ill luck: your talents might be suited to other avenues.

3.     My Job Drains Me

If, after you get back home, you find yourself drained, your job is probably not the right one for you.

Of course, people get burnt out in every job. However, if the feeling is frequent, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. Not only is a job that drains you bad for your health, but it will also lead to no career growth.

You’ll find yourself stuck in an unhappy place and will probably regret it later on.

4.     I Feel Like I am Going Nowhere

For many people, the realization that they need to change their job comes with a feeling of going nowhere. You feel like you’re stuck, as if you’re just standing still and the world is moving on without you. There’s no career growth in sight, there’s little monetary satisfaction, and there’s a great deal of despair. No surer sign of the need for career counseling exists.

5.     I Need Additional Direction

Perhaps you don’t want to rely on someone else, or perhaps you want to start doing your own research. We understand that. You can now compare and contrast your options by visiting Now Hiring Colorado.

You can weigh your options carefully before submitting your resume, or you can get in touch with us directly for additional guidance and support.

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