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3 Recruitment Challenges Companies Are Facing During The Pandemic

3 Recruitment Challenges Companies Are Facing During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created major challenges for human resource departments across all industries. These departments have the tall task of finding talent, shortlisting them based on virtual interviews and assessments, and then welcoming new recruits into the organization without meeting them in person.

Let’s look at some recruitment challenges that companies are struggling with:

1.    Hiring in Bulk

Organizations in the hospitality, tourism, and entertainment industries have been forced to lay off hundreds of employees. But while these companies are holding on by the thread, some lucky ones are thriving in the COVID-era.

Business is booming for companies in retail, e-commerce, sanitation, IT and digital services, etc. Even healthcare has reported a 35% hike in demand for jobs.

Firms in these industries have the daunting task of hiring employees in bulk during a pandemic that restricts the movement of individuals.

Companies don’t have the luxury of carrying out walk-in interviews to speed up hiring or shortlisting candidates using assessment centers. Instead, they must invest in software applications that allow them to perform critical recruitment procedures online.

2.    Onboarding New Recruits


Sure, virtual interviews can be a bit of a nuisance, but they aren’t the hardest part of hiring new employees in the COVID-era.

Recruiters weren’t prepared for a pandemic; therefore, they never had procedures in place to help them bring new employees onboard while working remotely.

Online orientation videos can’t replace taking new recruits around the office and scheduling one-on-one meetings with internal departments.

Human resource departments have had to scramble to develop online materials to aid new recruits with settling in.

3.    Fewer Applications

Though the unemployment rate is at an all-time high in the USA, the application rate for office jobs is low. The majority of people that lost their jobs in the current crisis were employed in the service sector; they don’t have the qualifications needed for corporate jobs.

People that would have otherwise been looking to make a switch to another job are currently holding on for the economy to improve.

As unemployment continues to grow, people aren’t keen on giving up their current paychecks.

That being said, some companies are looking for candidates. Those who want to make a switch but are apprehensive can hold onto their current jobs until they have a job lined up.

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